Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sign up in February and you could get the latest Close to My Heart Consultant Kit for free!

How great is that?!

The February promotion for Close To My Heart has been announced and it is an awesome deal for anyone interested in becoming a Close To My Heart Consultant. I wish they had this deal when I signed up!

Here's how it purchase the kit for $140.00 and if you meet the Straight To The Top sales in the first 30 days and then the first three months, you will get the kit refunded AND get $110.00 if FREE select product. That is a total of $544 in product and business supplies for FREE!
You get to customize the consultant kit to your interests and you have a
choice of three of the following six sets to make up your kit.

Click on the images below to enlarge. 

The majority of consultants are hobbiest with main goal of getting the product at a discount for their own personal use. Close To My Heart makes this easy with reasonable quotos for personal sales every three months. If you are interested in joining my team, "Twitterpated Hearts" or would like to hear more about it, you can e-mail me at

Click on the link in the side-bar to sign up today!

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